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For our Unit4 users

This is a private Unit4 User Group for Unit4 customers and employees based in SA. This User Group is operated by Arbofield a business unit of SIS Global, which is the is the only provider of local sales and services for Unit4 solutions in South Africa and the Sub-Saharan region.


This platform allows User Group members to ask questions on anything related to Unit4 Business World, Unit4 Student Management, Unit4 PSA Suite and Prevero.


This platform aims to encourage interaction, sharing of information and discussion among the members. Members can also search previous threads to see if they can find quick or simple solutions to issues that may arise on a day to day basis.


This platform does not replace Unit4 Customer Support and all information shared and acted upon should be thoroughly tested before applying to your live system.


Arbofield and Unit4 do not accept any responsibility for actions taken from advice given on this platform.

This platform is open to Unit4 User Group Members based in SA and Unit4 employees.

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