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Discover the power of Financial Management with unrivalled flexibility. scalability, and interoperability.
Unit4 Financials delivers superior efficiency, consistency and accuracy to help your organization thrive amid the Digital Revolution. With business models transforming, new regulations emerging and change coming faster than ever, Unit4 Financials helps you handle the most complex challenges with confidence.Unit4 Financials provides the original unified-ledger, global accounting system that gives your organization a single, real-time version of the truth. Embrace the best-of-breed financial solution that integrates with your existing systems for total freedom of choice and ongoing business agility.


Connect completely

24/7 accurate and compliant data during times of change

Grow efficiently

Unlimited scalability and shared service capabilities

Unify finance

A single, unified ledger with multi-dimensional accounting

Gain intelligence

Real time insight amid complexity using self service

Data in, Intelligence out

Many enterprise financial systems obscure your view of the business with modular ledger systems, static manual processes and limited reporting capabilities. Legacy accounting tools are not up to the challenges of today’s businesses. You need real time insight to make informed decisions and stay in compliance with financial regulations.

Today’s digital organizations require a unified solution with an intuitive user experience, global visibility and the power to address financial complexity. With Unit4 Financials, get data into the system more quickly with streamlined and automated finance processes. Get intelligence out to make the best decisions, based on real time visibility into your organization's financial position. Maintain the ability to change your financial structures at any time. Integrate seamlessly with your other key business systems. The result is that you can deliver better efficiency, consistency, and accuracy to support future business success.

Unit4 Financials provides complete visibility into your financial processes, even in the most diverse, complex or fast-changing enterprises. By eliminating batch processing, you gain immediate sight of what is happening without lag, sub-ledgers or manual reconciliation.

Financial software must also integrate seamlessly with other best-in-class applications your organization relies on. Our innovative and unique architecture provides unrivalled integration and interoperability in a federated approach using our web services. Accounting functionality, business logic and financial validation can be combined with all the specific operational applications you need, without hard coding. Add, change or upgrade key business systems without losing control of your finances and the connections between applications.

By integrating your systems with Unit4 Financials, you will enable end-to-end compliance across a wide range of regulatory regimes – Sarbanes-Oxley, multiple GAAPs and IFRS – to overcome the challenges of increasing regulatory pressures, and maintain compliance even in times of frequent legislation change or mergers.

How it works

Get data in

Compliant Finance – 24/7 data accuracy and compliance

Unlike disparate or modular ledger systems requiring batch synchronization and time-consuming manual reconciliations, Unit4 Financials provides immediate visibility into your finances with a single version of the truth. Eliminate time lags, sub-ledgers, reconciling, and manual processes. Add, keep, and change systems without losing control.

Lean Finance – Ensure process efficiency

Traditional systems are hampered by rigid, generic user interfaces, requiring consultants or IT to hard-code updates for process improvements. Unit4 Financials provides automation solutions for statement processing, reconciliation and overhead allocation. You are in charge of making changes to processes, applications and people via workflows from within the user interface itself.

Intelligence Provider – Insight for informed decisions

Some finance tools limit you with rigid, inflexible generic reporting templates or P&L statements that lack dimensional data. Unit4 Financials empowers you with operational, real time, transparent tools that integrate across the organization. A unified ledger means no reconciliation, so no waiting — all the data is fresh and accurate across all your integrated systems.

Business Partner – Provide self-service advice for future growth

Finance often finds itself relying on a reporting team to process information, which leads to delays, generic report structures and information shortages. Instead, use a system that proves personalized, relevant data that you can access and customize yourself. Unit4 offers infinite ways to classify, measure, and analyze information, with data the way you want it. You can even use your browser for 100% of the reporting, so you don’t affect your database.

Process efficiency is all about automation and control. With Unit4 Financials, your organization can streamline and automate processes, embed best-practices, improve business visibility, and maintain corporate governance at any scale.

In times of growth, processes often become overextended, resulting in slower access to data and increasing manual overhead. Unit4 Financials helps you solve this problem with the ability to extend and automate financial controls across processes, applications and people via workflows. Automate most functions in processing and reconciliation, including a powerful automated overhead allocations engine and automated monthly reporting to cut audit costs.

Scale your processes without limits, including tapping into shared service capabilities to optimally and efficiently support double-digit growth ambitions or company expansion.

Most importantly, maintain the power to make changes yourself, from within the application, to stay agile and efficient even during times of aggressive company growth.

The complete solution you deserve

The Unit4 Financials suite covers the full range of your organization's core financial management requirements. With a real-time unified ledger providing unparalleled support and rich functionality, your finance team will benefit with the following key areas:


As the original single-ledger, global accounting solution, Unit4 Financials is a modern and multi-everything accounting system for even the most diverse or complex enterprise requirements.

Budgeting, planning & forecasting

Unit4 Financials combines the flexibility of financial modeling with the familiarity and convenience of a standard spreadsheet to streamline the seeding, preparation, fine-tuning, and production of budgets.

Spend management

Unit4 Financials' end-to-end spend management helps establish controls and consolidate purchasing activity, and enables you to harness the full buying power of the organization.

Reporting & analysis

Unit4 Financials serves as the foundation of a robust, flexible information model. A range of reporting tools help multiple users report on, model and analyze your business with data and interfaces customized to their role in the organization.

Process & control automation

An integrated workflow and a powerful control management framework ties other systems, manual processes, and authorizations into a single, visible, and auditable process flow.

Integration & web services

IT architecture uses techniques such as web services and XML to provide secure, real-time integration with your other operational systems.


Companies need great operational applications and great financial systems, without compromise. Best-in-class interoperability is a fundamental capability of Unit4 Financials.

Multi-platform & multi-language

Unit4 Financials integrates with other applications without imposing a particular technology or architecture. It also enables simultaneous multi-lingual access to the same, single finance system.

A unified ledger with multi-dimensional accounting

The best financial systems provide can turn complexity into simplicity. Unit4 Financials' single financial model allows changes to be made efficiently in one, real-time single ledger system, without requiring reconciliation, so it provides financial information that is always in balance.

At the same time, the system's multi-dimensional structure enables infinite ways to classify, measure and analyze data, regardless of complexity, for the best possible visibility. Now, each line of the business can monitor profitability the way it needs to. Multi-national operations with complex local regulations can capture transactions in multiple currencies, in multiple countries, in multiple languages. With this power, you can both meet specific local accounting requirements and maintain global consistency, visibility and control.

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