The value of upgrading

Outdated ERP can prove to be a burden to organizational success. Are you doing all you can to provide your business users with modern technology that produces results?

According to Aberdeen Group, upgraded users consistently report reduction in operational costs, reduction in administrative costs as well as improvements in cycle time of key business processes.You already gain great benefits from your Unit4 solution; you could gain even more:

  • Reduce operational costs by an extra 6%
  • Reduce admin costs by an extra 4%
  • Improve business process speed by an extra 3%


What’s new in the latest versions?

Unit4 Business World On!

Our latest release combines a host of planned developments and other underpinning technical improvements, with enhancements prompted by statutory requirements, customer requests and market innovation.

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Unit4 Financials

The technical advances built into our latest release offer great new opportunities for Unit4 Financials users to benefit from our complementing solutions and innovative new tools for CFO teams.

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We provide the choice; you choose the pace

You decide which upgrade path is best. We provide the options that offer both choice and value, allowing you to get to the latest release of your solution quickly, cost-effectively, and with minimal business disruption. Options include:

Move to the Cloud

With Cloud at your Speed, you have control of which of your solutions will go in the Cloud, and when they get there. No matter what your current situation – on-premise, Public Cloud, Private Cloud or a mixture of these – Unit4 will work with you to find the best route for you to take.All of our solutions enable you to secure your data and adhere to the highest standards of security, compliance and data privacy.And our approach to Cloud deployment offers much more than just potential cost savings; you can also benefit in a number of ways.

Upgrade on-premise
You can take advantage of the bug fixes, extended functionality and new user experience that our latest release provides.An upgrade project also gives you an opportunity to minimize customizations, so your system is easier to support.Now may also be the best time to introduce complementary applications and benefit from new and innovative technologies.

Ready for your Digital Assistant?

Meet Wanda – your Digital Assistant!

Wanda is the world’s first digital assistant for enterprise applications.The future is happening now! See how to stay on top of your projects and margin on the go – no extra interface needed, just use your favorite communication app.


Introducing the Unit4 Upgrade Team

Unit4’s team of upgrade experts will guide you through creating an upgrade plan that gets you to your latest release or a new solution quickly, cost-effectively, and with minimal business disruption.


  • Upgrade experts
  • Optimization experts
  • Training experts
  • Support experts
  • Ensuring a smooth and transparent upgrade process by applying a proven methodology that detects and focuses on areas of attention.
    What’s our vision?
    We want to accelerate user adoption and to ensure every employee in your organization makes the most of your Unit4 solution.
    How do we achieve this?
    We apply services methodologies based on internationally accepted standard techniques, proven effective over hundreds of upgrades.

    Our team of international experts and partners will guide you through the migration process to:
    • Perform a full upgrade impact assessment based on your current environment
    • Provide technical upgrade support
    • Support application upgrades
    • Train your users to smoothly migrate and to benefit from the new versions
    • Review of your business processes and reports to increase performance
    • Provide new test tools to help you testing the different Business Processes