Time Management
Improve your projects with efficient time tracking and processing, anytime, anywhere

Key advantages

Fast and clear workflow, from entry to approval

An electronic validation and approval workflow automates and simplifies the processing of time spent. You are in full control of accrued hours and can easily adjust or balance time for invoicing. Users are given a comprehensive overview of the current status of time spent.

Available anytime, anywhere

With Unit4 Time Management, the time spent with customers on projects can be entered and approved on a range of devices. The mobile version is a seamlessly integrated interface into the core solution, designed specifically to give you the focused functionality you need to keep up-to-date while away from the office.

Powerful functionality

Powerful reports and a role-based dashboard give a straightforward overview of key numbers and non-conformities. You and your project team can easily and efficiently comply with company rules about recording working hours and absences.


Easy to use

Using Unit4 Time Management, employees can easily record their time spent on a project without any training. Hours can be broken down into many different categories, all in one screen, and assigned to both internal and external projects following specific rules, wage categories and cost types.

Key capabilities

  • Enables users to enter, approve and process timesheets anytime, anywhere ‒ on PC, Mac, tablet computer and mobile.
  • Graphic overview and control for project managers, department managers and finance managers.
  • Faster invoicing – and better control of the invoice base.
  • Simple and efficient recording of hours for a group of people resources, using the Team Manager function.
  • Powerful tool for reporting and analysis with drill-down functions.
  • Role-based dashboard displays a straightforward overview of non-conformities and key statistics.
  • A cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution and can also be installed on-premise within a customer’s own infrastructure.

Get data in

Compliant Finance – 24/7 data accuracy and compliance

Unlike disparate or modular ledger systems requiring batch synchronization and time-consuming manual reconciliations, Unit4 Financials provides immediate visibility into your finances with a single version of the truth. Eliminate time lags, sub-ledgers, reconciling, and manual processes. Add, keep, and change systems without losing control.

Lean Finance – Ensure process efficiency

Traditional systems are hampered by rigid, generic user interfaces, requiring consultants or IT to hard-code updates for process improvements. Unit4 Financials provides automation solutions for statement processing, reconciliation and overhead allocation. You are in charge of making changes to processes, applications and people via workflows from within the user interface itself.

Intelligence Provider – Insight for informed decisions

Some finance tools limit you with rigid, inflexible generic reporting templates or P&L statements that lack dimensional data. Unit4 Financials empowers you with operational, real time, transparent tools that integrate across the organization. A unified ledger means no reconciliation, so no waiting — all the data is fresh and accurate across all your integrated systems.

Business Partner – Provide self-service advice for future growth

Finance often finds itself relying on a reporting team to process information, which leads to delays, generic report structures and information shortages. Instead, use a system that proves personalized, relevant data that you can access and customize yourself. Unit4 offers infinite ways to classify, measure, and analyze information, with data the way you want it. You can even use your browser for 100% of the reporting, so you don’t affect your database.