Unit4 solutions for Not For Profit

Raise More Funds

Identify potential sources of funding, bid for grants, and earn donors’ confidence to maximize your funding potential.

Achieve Program Success

Free up your people from menial, recurring tasks and enable them to concentrate on program deliver

Maintain Accountability

Ensure comprehensive tracking of grants and keep your supporters up to date with accurate reports on how funds are being spent.

Improve Organizational Efficiency

Make back-office functions more efficient, enabling you to address opportunities faster and without disruption.

 What if your enterprise applications were built specifically for ALL of your people?

Your people deserve flexible, scalable solutions that understand and support them to achieve the same goal, wherever they work – from desk to field site, and everywhere in between.Our approach to enterprise software is different. We believe your ERP should be your ultimate strategic partner, working with you to enhance your operations and make the most of your most important assets – your employees and your volunteers..

Instead of consuming people’s time with data entry tasks or static software tools, liberate them to work better and smarter. With comprehensive, role-specific tools and full control over change that people can change themselves, you can deliver applications that empower your people to fulfil their purpose with passion – all while navigating dynamic situations at home and around the world.

With all your people using the same tools, wherever they are, deployed on-premises or in the cloud, accessed via desktop or mobile, you can enhance internal operations while also building deeper connections with your donor base. More importantly, everyone can work in unison to deliver your ultimate goal – helping others.

Designed for People
  • Gain accurate data and insights
    Achieve greater transparency and be confident that you are looking at a single version of the truth by having an accurate view of your financial performance at any time, and from anywhere.
  • Ensure easier organizational management
    Fully integrated capabilities for finance, resource management, project management and reporting enable you to easily manage organizational risk and change.
  • Retain the right people
    Succession planning, capability management and reduction in the turnover of talented people by identifying flight risks in your organizations.
  • Provide management autonomy
    Drive self-service management capability in the organization reducing bureaucracy and waste.
  • Report anytime, anywhere
    Easy to use and on-the-go organizational reporting.

  • Act on accurate data and insight
    Accurately view your financial health at any time, from anywhere, and be confident you are looking at a single version of the truth.
  • Stay ahead of changes in strategy, processes or reorganization
    Streamline administrative processes and automate workflow to help your people focus on higher value tasks.
  • Report against a double bottom line
    Match actual, budget and forecasts against both financial and mission results.
  • Know forecasts are accurate
    Identify repeated estimating errors, and change to improve future estimates and delivery performance.

  • Attract the right people
    Plan and match skill levels to project pipeline and requirements to recruit the right people.
  • Maximize HR influence
    Use an integrated perspective of HR, finance and projects to extend influence beyond Human Resource functions.
  • Easier organizational management
    Make changes to model and execute new organizational structures, processes and reporting right at UI level – without coding and with no IT intervention.
  • Reduce bureaucracy
    Ensure comprehensive support for all aspects of your hire-to-retire cycle and payroll processes.

  • Manage project portfolio to time and budget
    Ability to track a range of content at project and portfolio levels, including: financials, relevant risks and reporting.
  • Plan and allocate project resources
    Allocate the right teams and capabilities to maximize mission delivery efficiency.
  • Reduce Resource burden
    Provide a user experience for people to enter time and expenses accurately and from anywhere.

  • Take a proactive approach to maintenance
    Streamline maintenance planning, fault reporting & management, inspection requirements and overall resource planning.
  • Automate update of financial and fixed assets accounts
    Easier administration to ensure smooth lease agreements and correct invoicing.
  • Smarter portfolio management
    A clear overview of investment projects and overall assets plus seamless building maintenance and management.

 What if you could adapt your processes to changing expectations so you can concentrate on helping others?

Unit4 Business World On! offers Not for Profit organizations a new choice for enterprise software: inherently flexible applications to help them effectively manage change and deliver lasting social benefits.

The solution is designed with you in mind, to help you be more efficient by connecting you to the information you need when you need it and reducing your administrative burden. You can address opportunities faster, more cost-effectively and without disruption.

  • Gain real-time, accurate financial and resources information that satisfies the data requirements of your donor base.
  • Show donors clearly and continuously the impact they’re making by delivering internal and external transparency.
  • Enter data, create reports, and act on information presented equally on desktop browsers or in the field via mobile apps.
  • Benefit from multi-currency capabilities and software localization to comply with reporting requirements.
  • Streamline administrative processes and automate workflow to help your people focus on higher value tasks.