Cloud at your Speed

We provide the choice: You choose the pace
With Cloud at your Speed, you have more control of which of your solutions will go in the Cloud, and when they get there. No matter what your current situation – on-premise, Public Cloud, Private Cloud or a mixture of these – Unit4 will work with you to find the best route for you to take. All of our solutions enable you to secure your data and adhere to the highest standards of security, compliance and data privacy.And our approach to Cloud deployment offers much more than just potential cost savings; you can also benefit in a number of ways.
Key Benefits

You choose
the way

You choose if and when to transition your solutions to the Cloud, with minimal effort

Vastly reduce the time to value

Easy to implement and use, with low implementation time and costs

Run software everywhere

Access your software anywhere, anytime, with any device without delay

Ensure business continuity

Continually benefit from the latest innovations, without extra configuration

Use the Cloud in total confidence

Unit4 already supports over 1500 customers in the Cloud, and our partnership with Microsoft will bring ‘Self driving’ ERP to people-centric organizations. Microsoft Azure is Unit4’s strategic Cloud deployment platform to enhance our offering through flexible security, data privacy and residency.

With a deep understanding of the challenges facing the modern enterprise, Unit4 business applications with Azure offer highly scalable ramp-up and ramp-down capabilities and provide customers with the flexibility and adaptability they need to run their business without disruption.

Cloud computing gives you greater security when unexpected problems, such as data loss, happen. Because your data is stored in the Cloud, you can access it no matter what happens to your machine. Our solutions enable you to secure your private data and adhere to the highest standards of security, compliance and data privacy.

Our approach gives you the control to upgrade when you want to – you can choose the path and the pace you take. You have the agility to match your deployment to your ongoing needs, with the guaranteed freedom to choose, and keep adjusting, your deployment options to adapt to ongoing business change.

Starting business innovation initiatives is much easier using Cloud services, resulting in new and innovative business models, generating new value propositions and establishing new revenue streams. Even if your core solutions are based on-premise you can strategically introduce new Cloud functionality to complement your systems. You can add new pieces of software without the need to rip out any on-premise functions. Integration is seamless and you can benefit from all the Cloud advantages immediately.

And, because you won’t need to purchase equipment and build out and operate a data center, you don’t have to spend significant money on hardware, facilities, utilities and other aspects of operations. You only need to pay for server and infrastructure capacity as and when it is needed. More capacity can be provisioned for peak times and then de-provisioned when no longer needed. You simply pay as you go and enjoy a subscription-based model that’s kind to your cash flow.

Add new software without disruption

With Cloud at your Speed you have the agility to scale your requirements up or down, depending on your circumstances. New software can be added or removed painlessly and the ease of integration will help your organization to solve business problems much quicker than having to rely on new tooling or extra configuration. And you can benefit in days rather than weeks.

Unit4’s Cloud offering easily accommodates changes. For example, two companies can become one much faster and more efficiently. Traditional computing required years of migrating applications and decommissioning data centers, but not anymore.

And because you won’t need to either recode or make any changes to the setup or to your database, this makes it a fast, low-cost and painless process.

We understand that harnessing the full power of the Digital Revolution in a package that people can understand and use is essential to success.Our approach to the Cloud means you can use flexible, plug-in resources and apps, together with your on-premise or Cloud solutions. Data and applications are available to employees no matter where they are in the world. As long as workers have an Internet connection, they can get to the applications they need from practically anywhere. And with the range of mobile apps, you’re not restricted by which device you’ve got to hand.Cloud applications also improve collaboration by allowing dispersed groups of people to meet virtually and easily share information in real time and via shared storage. This capability can reduce time-to-market and improve product development and customer service.These small processes don’t have significant impact on your overall IT infrastructure and provide:

  • Constant access to round the sun support tools – available 24×7.
  • Faster recovery times and multi-site availability at a fraction of the cost of conventional disaster recovery.
  • Strategic website integration to enable collaboration and extensive document version control.
  • Task-focused capabilities – view details about projects that are specific to you and your team.

Continually benefit from the latest innovations

Unit4’s Cloud offering easily accommodates changes. With Unit4’s Public and Dedicated Cloud updates will be provided at a steady and continuous pace so you always benefit from the latest innovations. This eliminates “version-lock” by ensuring that customizations automatically migrate when upgrading to a new release. The ease of integration will help your organization to solve business problems much quicker, without needing to worry about whether integrations still work after updating.

Having your Unit4 software running in the Cloud, as Software as a Service, frees up your IT department’s time, as they no longer have to worry about the infrastructure it runs on, the management of the database and the business software, performance tuning and compliance. This means IT personnel can spend more valuable time on supporting business processes.

Combined with our self-driving capabilities, you can empower your people to accomplish more than the everyday and add true value.

From the front-line employee through the back office and up to the CEO, you can enable your organization to stay competitive and flourish during the tidal wave of change that is today’s business environment.

What's your Speed?

No two organizations are identical. So our Cloud at your Speed approach means that no matter where your journey to the Cloud starts, you can benefit from the full functionality, fast implementation and total flexibility that Unit4 can provide.

The ultimate goal is to get you to the Cloud, in a way that best suits your circumstances. Each path has the same functional depth – no matter which route path you choose.

The choice is yours

We understand that every organization is unique, with a range of different requirements from the Cloud. For this reason we can provide a number of alternatives:

Public Cloud

  • Benefit from Unit4’s Software in a Software as a Service delivery model.
  • Ensure you are always on the latest release.
  • Lowest cost option, with no technical or application update burden.
  • Predefined service offering to gain value quickly.
  • Fully automated operating environment.

Dedicated Cloud

  • Benefit from Unit4’s Software in a Software as a Service delivery model.
  • Ensure you are always on the latest release.
  • Higher cost but with a dedicated Infrastructure.
  • Results in higher data privacy and workload isolation.
  • Strict compliance needs demand isolation.

Managed Cloud

  • Lift and shift existing on-premise solutions.
  • Benefit from some control over environment details.
  • Automatic technical updates.
  • Run in most suitable infrastructure, given specific customer needs.